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The Pleasure Trap book download
The Pleasure Trap book download

The Pleasure Trap. Doug Lisle, Alan Goldhamer

The Pleasure Trap

ISBN: 9781570671975 | 225 pages | 6 Mb

Download The Pleasure Trap

The Pleasure Trap Doug Lisle, Alan Goldhamer
Publisher: Book Publishing Company, The

Today he introduces a concept that he believes applies, called the Motivational Triad. This is a foreign concept to most of us. Lisle, is that we artificially stimulate dopamine production through things such as fat, salt and processed foods. I want to order this DVD of his presentation on The Pleasure Trap. First, beware of messages that play to our natural desire for self-gratification; true happiness does not come from indulging in every sensual pleasure. Essentially how the pleasure trap is explained by Dr. McDougall's program speaks to this point. They are victims of a dilemma that harkens back to our prehistoric past…the Pleasure Trap. Alan Goldhamer co-authored the book “The Pleasure Trap” on this very subject. I am always learning and growing. The Pleasure Trap- Your Brain on Sugar Why we eat this much sugar is not difficult to understand — it tastes good, and it gives us pleasure by triggering an innate process in your brain via dopamine and opioid signals. For example, potato chips and french fries. He ended his message with this: “You must find a way to motivate to action”. I know that one of the physicians associated with Dr. You may be stuck in the dietary pleasure trap!

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